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Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's kind of just an excuse to hang out with cool nerdy people and talk about Weber

Inspired by Angela's Spiritual Discussion Group of last semester, Mariah and Danica's poetry salons, and Iliana's Joyce/Woolf salons, I'm kicking around the idea of starting an informal Religious Studies film series. Amy and I have been talking about watching Trembling before G-d, the documentary about gay and lesbian Hasidic and Orthodox Jews, since last semester; I think it would be really interesting to watch and then discuss something like that with a group of intellectual people familiar with, or interested in, the academic studies of religion and sociology. Other movies that would be good for this kind of thing: The Devil's Playground, a documentary about Amish kids on their Rumsprigga years; and Jesus of Montreal, a sort of postmodern intellectual take on the Passion story.

Would you, dear reader, be interested in participating in something like this?