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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kid-tested, mother-approved

(If you're coming here via ManSpeak, welcome! You can find my response to the ManSpeak/GirlTalk Friday Funny here. I was very surprised by all the traffic it attracted, and I may do a follow-up post sometime in the next few days, so check back if you're interested.)

I just got back from downtown, where I met Daniel's parents for the first time. They took us out to El Gaucho Steakhouse, the fanciest restuarant I've been to in Portland. As in, they make the Caesar salad table-side, multiple forks and an expectation that you know when to use each one, hyper-attentive waiters, fruit-and-cheese-course fancy. The food was good, although very rich: Daniel and I split the crabcakes appetizer; all four of us had the freshly-made Caesar salad; then I had French onion soup, a taste each of his mom's risotto side dish, his dad's grilled sturgeon, and Daniel's scalloped potatoes, and some grapes from the fruit course. I was stuffed but his parents insisted that we order dessert so Daniel and I split a chocolate ganache. Everything was delicious! More importantly, his parents were really nice, and I think they liked me. I was super-nervous, but I didn't need to be: they were totally friendly and not scary at all. I'm going to chalk the evening up to a success.