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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Anatomy of a Saturday

After Shabbos services at P'nai Or this morning I walked up to Market of Choice and bought a salad and then I went to the liquor store, where I saved big bucks by buying bottom shelf everything (I asked the lady behind the counter which was the best of the Kahlua knock-offs and she told me that I could use Monarch brand as long as I was mixing it with something else. I didn't tell her that what I would be mixing it with was bottom shelf vodka). Then I went to Pappaccino's, the coffee shop across the street, and ate my salad and drank coffee and read Don Quijote.

I realized as I was walking up the hill that according to halakha, Jewish religious law, you're not supposed to carry stuff on Shabbos. Probably only the really frum follow that, and since I'm not Jewish I'm not bound to halakha anyways. That doesn't stop me from feeling virtuous about walking rather than driving to shul, though. It reminds me of something Reb Asi, the Lubavitcher rabbi in Eugene, told me: although Chabad might not be as passionate and outspoken about environmental conservation as the Jewish Renewal movement, how many people can say that they're commited to not driving their cars for 24 hours each week?

One of my roommates is making jello shooters for my birthday tomorrow. I've never, you know, shot jello before. I'm looking forward to the experience.