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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whatever you say, Miss Electra Complex

From Ladies Against Feminism comes this gem: "...Patiently, the young lady helped her adorable little sister place the last toy in the bucket, then she straightened up and said cheerfully, “Rose, let’s go make cookies.” With the little one in tow, she brightly made her way to the kitchen, pausing to bestow a few encouraging words to the cluster of small boys on the play area rug, stopping to admire the diligence of the older ones as they sorted through a complex array of tools, and casting a smile and a loving, “Need anything?” to her busy mother. In the spacious kitchen, she set to work, and just as her little sister finished licking cookie batter off a spoon, the maiden heard her father’s car crunching in the gravel drive. “Dad’s home!” she cried, and caught up Rose to join the delighted pell-mell to greet Daddy. As she hugged her father, she said, “Dad, we’re making cookies for you to take to the family down the road that you wanted to minister to.” “Thank you, honey,” her father replied. “You are a precious gem to our family.”

Between Biblical Daughterhood and Purity Balls, it seems like these fundamentalist/evangelical/Reformed Baptist girls have a whole truckload of Daddy Issues. I mean, I love my dad, but yeesh.