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Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Velcro! Next to the Walkman and Tab, the best invention of the 20th century!"

At a thrift store this afternoon, I found not only two episodes of the straight-to-video early-nineties Baby-Sitters Club video series (we're watching it Tuesday evening! You're invited!) but also a cinematic event entitled Girls Just Want to Have Fun, starring one Sarah Jessica Parker (!) circa 1985. She just loves to dance, and wants to be on Dance TV! But her stern dad won't let her audition! Featuring Helen Hunt (!!) as the wacky pal (she wears a beret with a giant grasshopper on it!) and Shannon Doherty (!!!) as the annoying kid sister. Plus, there's a strikingly George Michael Bluth-like guy in it ("Dangerous cousins...I like the way they think..."), mullets o'plenty, and everyone's wearing a French-cut unitard with the elastic pulled way, way above their hip bones. Peggy and Amy and I just watched it with some drinks, and oh, is it a good time. Like, take a drink every time the camera pulls WAY THE HELL AWAY whenever Sarah Jessica Parker's character is supposed to be doing a complicated dance move...cue the stunt double! And the best scene of all is when the punks crash the villainesse's debutante party by somersaulting through the window of the country club...and then the Billy Idol look-alike walks around on the buffet table and sticks his foot in the roast turkey and waves it around.

During the viewing, the following conversation occured:

(Scene: Helen Hunt's character is sporting quite the side-poneytail)
Amy: "Whoa! I am certainly not "Mad About" that hairstyle! That is not "As Good As It Gets!"
Me: "Someone needs to "Cast" that "Away!"
Amy: "...Too bad she didn't make any more movies."
Me: "Yeah, we pretty much just exhausted her filmography."
(Sarah Jessica Parker has six-inch black roots)
Amy: "There's not going to be any "Sex" in that "City!" Someone needs to work some "Hocus Pocus" on her!"