...except for me and my monkey! "Everything we see hides another thing. We always want to see what is hidden by what we see." -Rene Magritte

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Five things about yesterday and today

1. I interviewed for a position as a bilingual preschool teacher last Friday, and I'm scheduled to go in for a second interview to see how I interact with the kids for three hours on Monday. Please pray or think good thoughts for it going well; it would be a great job.

2. I've been officially dismissed from the community of Christian Noahides because of, among a couple other things, my pro-choice/pro-reproductive freedom beliefs.

3. Last night I couldn't remember the name of Pedro de Valdivia, the Christopher Columbus of Chile. (I realize now that I was confusing him with Pedro Montt, a former president, whose name I couldn't remember either.) I remembered little details--like that Avenida Pedro Montt ran behind the university, parallel to Errázuriz, and that one of the guys Mariah and I met at our tango lessons at la Piedra Feliz bar was from Valdivia--I could even hear him, in my mind, saying "Soy de Valdivia, ¿cachai?" (I'm from Valdivia, get it?)--and that Estrella distante by Roberto Bolano was set there, and that the plane on the way down to Punta Arenas stopped there, and that Nona Fernández (Hernández?) queered Valdivia in Mapocho, one of the books Carla and I read for our feminist/gay literature class, but I couldn't think of the name. It finally came to me a couple hours later in bed. It always makes me sad when I can't remember things like that about Chile--the other day I was trying to think of how to say "bundle up" and I had to search for it online (it's abrigarse)--even when I can remember the details.

4. I finished my final seminar paper on the function of the Word of Wisdom in contemporary Mormon society and how it's used to construct cultural boundaries around the Mormon community. I guess it's my last college paper, but because I never did the Book of Mosiah reading I still feel sort of unfulfilled and incomplete about the semester. I think I will try to do that tonight and tomorrow morning.

5. Carla and I just got back from seeing The Namesake, and it was very good. We both cried a lot and afterwards we agreed that it was a good movie to cry to. I like Mira Nair (but I still don't really want to see Vanity Fair.)