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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I like gentle touches

When I met my co-workers Lisa and Adriana at the bus stop after work today, they were talking about how we've all kind of picked up the preschool inflection: the hyper-empathetic tone of voice and turns of phrase that the school encourages for use with the kids. Our school is structured around a few philosophies of childhood care and education so alternative (and yet totally common-sensical, once you get used to them) that they don't even have Wikipedia pages devoted to them; since all the teachers and parents support the philosophies, a certain language and vocabulary have really developed at the care center. L., A., and I all trained together and started at the same time, so we've become a kind of cohort group, as we go through the adjustment and acculturation (for lack of a better word) processes together. Today we talked about how we find our school vocabulary creeping into our non-school lives--the other night I asked Daniel whether he was going to rest on his belly or on his back; he responded, "Your preschool voice creeps me out."