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Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's wrong with calling Paris Hilton a whore?

I spent most of this afternoon in bed, drinking coffee and reading various feminist blogs. One of the ones I came across, via a comment on Feministe, was Taking Steps. I cannot recommend the post slings and arrows highly enough:

"It gave me pause, but of course I jumped in: "Is your problem that she was driving drunk, or that she has sex?" Spluttering from both about her obnoxiousness. "Yes, but is it good she's doing time because she's a rich, entitled person who thinks she can do whatever she wants, or because she doesn't wear much clothing?" My mother notes, quietly, that we could be using 'the dreaded c-word.' At that point, I really had to hold myself back, while my brother insisted that, no, he has no problem with people having sex, I mean, no problem with women, you know, it's just that--"

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