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Monday, June 25, 2007

Must delay impending adulthood

Well, crap. One of my Religious Studies/Pamplin friends from college goes and gets herself married! Congratulations, Frances!

It makes me feel nervous and weird when friends who are my age, or a year or two younger, do such adult things: get married, settle down, have kids--since I feel so unready for those things, I always want to assume that they belong to the Realm of the Grown-Ups, those serious people at least five or six years older than me. I'm going to rest in the fact that, today during afternoon snack time, the preschoolers debated my age and decided that I couldn't be much older than six.

Favorite quote from Frances' most recent blog entry: "Anyway, it's time to get back to housewifely duties like cleaning and organizing and jobhunting. I wouldn't mind being a housewife if there were kids around, or tupperware parties, or vibrator parties, or if the house was really dirty, but that is just not the case."