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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Quote of the Day

From Amanda at Pandagon:

"Of course, the other part of this is redefining what a child is, taking women’s participation in the creation of one out of the picture and relegating pregnant women to the role of mere incubators for children that men make. To call something a “child” from the moment a man shoots his load and not after a woman has grown the child for 9 months in her body is part of the project of using pregnancy as a tool to dehumanize women and subjugate us to men. Equating a 15-week-old fetus with an actual baby is about erasing a woman’s effort and time put into making a baby, and handing over the credit to the strenously ejaculated offerings of the father. I’ve no doubt that the renewed interest in the post-Roe era of erasing the fact that pregnancy is a process is a big part of the backlash against feminism. Patriarchal traditions like calling children born out of wedlock “bastards” and the naming of children after their father and the assumption that fathers have automatic custody are all retreating to various degrees, and reactionaries are lashing out by trying to make men so important in baby-making that pregnancy itself is seen less as a process of making a baby and more as some sort of danger zone for a man’s property. Which of course is why sonogram pictures of developing embryos have such an emotional pull on anti-choicers—look, with the magic of technology you can pretend that the damn obstacle of the pregnant woman isn’t even there. If only doctors could find a way to erase women from the picture completely."

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