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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Clueless, loveless, AND faithless?

From "Dating: When Words and Choices Clash":

..."Are there some who are not even concerned whether the people they date are or are not saved? In such cases, the kindest I can say is that such are clueless, loveless, and faithless..."

I found that my life got so much more enjoyable and my spiritual life, more meaningful once I stopped believing in a vengeful, angry God and a literal hell. Obviously Phillips and most of the Christian bloggers I read would reject my theology, as I reject theirs.

Phillips rounds out the post by hoisting the old "Dating a woman is like test-driving a car!" canard, offensively as ever: "What would you think of a man who spends his free time going from car dealer to car dealer, checking out luxury cars that he will never buy?" As feminists more witty than I have pointed out, there's really nothing like that New Hymen smell.

Hat tip: Solo Femininity.