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Friday, September 28, 2007

maybe you know her?

A facebook message I received this afternoon, presented verbatim (I assume all Jessicas with ties to Eugene received this same message):

I've just arrived in Eugene from indiana in search of a beautiful flower named Jessica. I met her in tennessee about 3 months ago at a music festival and spent the most transcendental night of my life with her. You know, the kinda night that takes everything nightmare every dream every skeleton of what you once were every cocoon of the buuterfly you dream to be and swirls it all together to form some new colour on a new pallete called "here and now" "life" "love"... Well needless to say I've felt disasterously empty these past few months and cant quite go on gardening without her. Trouble is, all I got is her first name, that she graduated this year with some sort of bio something degree and lives in a renuvated warehouse next to the traintracks. My avenues of finding her are minimal, I'm relying greatly on the kindness of those around me. You probably dont know her but I've gotta try everything I can to find her, ya know? Thank you so much for your time, I hope you life will be blessed in many ways. If there is anything you ever need, I'll be around for a while and I'm always here for my family, feel free to ask.

thanks again!

blessing and peace,

Reuben S-------