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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Whiplash is a Five-Point Calvinist

Stinker and Piglet, our classroom guinea pigs, died late this week. When my co-teacher Cara went to take them out of their cage Thursday morning, they were huddled together in their little house, cold and stiff. It was very sad, and of course the kids had a lot of questions about it. For some of the kids this was their first experience with death; others have already lost beloved pets, grandparents, cousins. The school director came in and led a circle with the kids and allowed them to hold or pet the guinea pigs one last time. She asked what the children thought we should do with the bodies. "Put them in Heaven!" E piped up. S suggested we flush them down the toilet. Whiplash wanted to bury them in a pile of dirt by the tree outside our classroom, and J started crying. He sniffled that he didn't want dirt on top of the guinea pigs--he wanted to just set them down on top of the ground by the tree.

We talked about how when something is buried in the ground, worms go through it and turn it into soil and then it becomes part of the Earth and helps living things grow. We all agreed that burying them would be the best, and the kindest, course of action. (After S suggested flushing them down the toilet, the director said, "Hmm, would that work? Would guinea pigs fit down the toilet?" Whiplash exclaimed, "Let's chop them in to little pieces!" "Hmm, that doesn't sound very kind," the director responded carefully.)

After we decided to bury them, E raised his hand again. "What about putting them in Heaven?" he asked. The focused energy of the circle was breaking apart by this time and Whiplash was getting a little worked up. His Five-Point Calvinist began to emerge . "No!" he answered loudly hotly. "We don't get to put them in Heaven! We don't get to 'ecide! Only God gets to 'ecide!" A pretty clear exposition of the doctrine of of Limited Atonement coming from a four-year-old! Based on past experiences I know that he's got Total Depravity down. I'm hoping that during circle next week he'll explain Unconditional Election.