...except for me and my monkey! "Everything we see hides another thing. We always want to see what is hidden by what we see." -Rene Magritte

Saturday, March 29, 2008

This changes everything

So Daniel's going to be staying here for awhile. We moved his stuff over from his old house this morning and pushed our beds together to make one mammoth bed that takes up about half my bedroom. It's gargantuan, seriously; he commented that it would look like a honeymoon suite if only it were heart-shaped. Anyway, since we had to move my own bed around so that his would fit in next to mine, now my pillow is in a different corner than where it used to be. So this evening I bring my computer over to my bed to read and comment Riana's thesis...and OH MY GOD I CAN PICK UP A WIRELESS SIGNAL! It's very faint and I have to hold the computer just so, but it's there. Hallelujah!

Also: you know how the Applebee's commercials advertise their "killer apps" (appetizers)? The other day I told Daniel that I would buy his dinner (up to $12 value) if he would go to Applebee's and say to the waiter, "I think we're gonna start with some of your killer apps," without a hint of irony in this voice. I didn't think he would do it, but tonight we went to the Applebee's near the Lloyd Center and he proved me wrong. I guess that's why I love him.