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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

27 Dresses and The Banger Sisters: A Study in Opposites

This evening Daniel and I watched 27 Dresses--I know, I know, but I kind of wanted to see it. It looked awful in the trailer, but like possibly either a fun or a hilarious kind of awful that I wanted to experience, so I put it on my Netflix queue.

It wasn't. It was just awful in a mediocre, vaguely distasteful way. The "witty" "banter" fell flat and the characterization was poor. Plus throughout the second act the audio was improperly sync'd, which made it seem like a poorly dubbed foreign film.

On the other hand, The Banger Sisters, which I checked out from the library a month or two ago, was awful in a hilarious, flaming blaze of snakeskin leather pants, faltering English accents, borderline personality disorder-suffering, pseudo deep Jim Morrison references kind of way. Where to begin? How about the awkward and ill-conceived sex scene in which Goldie Hawn's aging groupie seduces neurotic, suicidal writer/hitchhiker Geoffrey Rush? As Daniel put it, "This has to be the least downloaded sex scene in internet history: 'Hey, let's watch Goldie Hawn get it on with the guy from Shine!" Or Goldie Hawn yelling at Susan Sarandon's spoiled kids, a tirade after which they, bowed and humbled, immediately begin to wash the dishes? Or the passing off of common Jim Morrison trivia ("He called himself the Lizard King!") as somehow unique? Or the most incompetent bellboy in the industry, who doesn't understand the meaning of "Please don't tell the crazy lady in the snakeskin what room I'm staying in?" Or Susan Sarandon's entire wardrobe?

Yes, The Banger Sisters was awesome, and it has set the standard for hilariously bad movies. The bar is high, friends. Cool as Ice high.